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Adjustable Props allow for easy shoring of floors and slabs and can be used with all kinds of form- work wherever there is the need for a safe and reliable supporting system. Adjustable Props allow for infinite and milli metrical adjustment possibilities ranging from closed to fully extended position, providing an answer to the various shoring requirements.

Adjustable Props construction is simple but specific:
1. Outer Tube with welded threaded nut.
2. Inner Tube with holes for rough adjustment every 100mm.
3. Threaded sleeve for fine adjustment.
4. Pin connecting the inner and outer tubes.
5. Sliding washer.
6. Base plate for better load distribution.
7. Upper Plate or Bracket or U Head to better suit the various needs

Sturdy and light to handle even with very high loads.
Easy to operate even by unskilled workers.
Compact for storage and transport.
Millimetrical adjustment of working height.
Versatility and adaptability.

N0RangeWeight Kg

Other Size can be manufactured upon request.

Working Load and Props Details