for steel Tubes
- Wall thickness +/- 10%
- Dimension +/- 1%
- Flatness +/- 0.5% of side dimension
- Length -0/+100mm
- Internal radius of angle 1 to 2.5 x t
(t: thickness)

Quality of Steel:

Galvanized Steel according to
EN 10142 or equivalent.
Hot rolled Steel according to
ST 12.03 or equivalent.
Cold Rolled according to
ST 37.2 or equivalent.
All tubes are delivered in a
standard length of 6 meters.
On request any length from
4 to 8 meters can be
All sizes and thicknesses
not available in this brochure
can be studied on request.
A special department is
in the various products
derived from steel tubes
(Reduction, cut to length,
perforation, bending...)